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Real People

Real Results

Jillian T

We are so proud of Jillian. She first started trying out one of our challenges and was able to keep the weight off.

Patty V

Patty is an early riser and very driven. She not only lost weight but gain the energy to complete several runs and marathons outside the gym.

Jesus C

Jesus is amazing. He not only comes in and works out, but also motivates and cheers for everyone around him. 

Victoria S

Victoria, like many others that have walked in through ours doors, lost her pregnancy 

weight. She has also been influenced by the strong community inside 1Fit.

Change Starts with a choice

Rosa Palomino plain.png
sammi plain.png
Jillian Richardson (Progress).png

"It's Not easy but it's definitely worth it"

Anne Delfin schnirch.jpg
patty vasquez FLC 2.2019.jpg
Elizabeth Navarrete 6 weeks wo wt v
Diana Dominguez.jpg
Jennifer Torres.jpg

They Did it!

You Can too!

jessica bruce.jpg
Sahara Martinez.jpg
Natalie Garcia.jpg
Lovrina Castillo.jpg
Maylin Cortez.jpg
Maribel Kusen.jpg

We Take the guessing out it. You Put in the work and the result will be there!

Yamili Knight.jpg
Stephen Trinkle.jpg
Sharde Carrington.jpg
Teresa Castillo.jpg
Stephanie Castaneda.jpg
Susanne Steiner.jpg
Sharlene Marchese.jpg
Noelle Kailey.jpg

The only Shortcut is to work with an expert. No trial and error. Just Results

Michelle Cortez.jpg
Maricela Contreras.jpg
Kelly Coleman.jpg
Megan Starr.jpg
Lorena Preciado.jpg
Kathryn Yenko.jpg
Marci Estela.jpg
Rosalie Straughan.jpg
Linda Ganci.jpg
Jodi Field.jpg

we have helped hundreds of people lose fat, tone up and get healthy. Let us Help you!

Karla Valdez.jpg
Jaccob Enos.jpg
Holden Miralles.jpg
JoAnna Holguin.jpg
Ivy Anastacio.jpg
Guadalupe Marquez.jpg
Jessica Ebretch.jpg
Hyren Miralles.jpg
Felicia Canales.jpg

what are you still waiting For? Get Started Today!

Frank Parlato.jpg
Danielle Anderson.jpg
Dan Van Von Gries.jpg
Brandy Nemergut.jpg
Carrie Trinkle.jpg
Cassandra Pond.jpg
Tim Soo Hoo 2pics.jpg
Carolyn Repetti.jpg
Marco Rios wo t.jpg
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